Catalan online course

Curs de català online

Do you want to learn Catalan? Are you looking for a flexible course that adapts to your needs? Try Novalingua's new online Catalan course!


Novalingua offers you an online Catalan course for beginner, intermediate or advanced level designed to learn the language through conversation. As you interact with your classmates and your teacher you will learn grammar and vocabulary in a fun, natural and effective way! This way you will get ready for real situations with native speakers.

How does this course work?

At Novalingua we want to make it easy for you. Therefore, from the 5  to the 30th of July you will be able to learn Catalan from your home with the help of a native and specialized teacher. Through our conversation-based course, you will acquire the vocabulary and grammar needed to develop in the language properly. For 2 hours from Monday to Friday, you will practice Catalan with your classmates and your teacher while using interactive online materials (videos, games, music, etc.). We will send you all the necessary teaching material, you just need to have Internet connection!

For this course the students and the teacher will agree on which online platform they want to use (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Facetime, etc.).


The flexibility of this type of course allows the student and the teacher choose the schedule that best suits them.


If you want to learn Catalan without having to worry about moving, count on us. Contact us for more information or to register!










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280€ + 40€ registration fee

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